Something off my chest

Since we last visited, I placed the final piece of the CDH1 puzzle and had my double mastectomy. So here is the last installment of this tale. The series finale, if you will. Mastectomy feels more personal, more vulnerable, and more intimate to discuss. However, I promised myself at the beginning of this journey thatContinue reading “Something off my chest”

Come A Little Bit Closer

Wow, nine months post-op. I definitely feel like I have given birth to a new life. I thought it might be interesting (but maybe not) to give you a visual of what I eat in a day. After months of not feeling super awesome, I finally called Rachael and asked her to give me someContinue reading “Come A Little Bit Closer”

A few ounces

The question I get asked most: “what do you eat?”…which is understandable. I mean, I’m kind of missing a major part of the whole digestion process.  If you’re a fellow seahorse reading this, I hope this entry helps you on your journey. If you still have your stomach, I hope this encourages you to appreciateContinue reading “A few ounces”